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Whatever finish you require, I can cater to your every need.

Most popular is waterbourne polyurethane varnish, probably the toughest of all the single component seals on the market, chemistry has come on leaps and bounds in most recent years, Poly's no longer yellow, the sheens are very natural and they really do last if maintained occasionally. Mark applies at least 3 coats of varnish. Varnishes are available in matt, satin, silk or gloss, typical brands we use are Bonakemi, Blanchon, Granwax, Beckers acroma, Pallman and Junckers.

2 component waterbourne polyurethane varnishes are usually used in commercial premises and public buildings, they have an added hardener which makes them tougher than single component polyurethanes, they are almost double the price but can give so much extra life to your floor, Mark applies 3 coats, typical brands we use are Bonakemi 'Traffic' Blanchon 'Intense' Granwax 2K 'Rhino' and Junckers sport. High traffic varnishes are only available in 'Invisible finish' matt or satin.

Oil modified polyurethanes are completely understated in todays modern technology's, rather slower on drying times than waterbased but the fact remains they are hard wearing and do give you all the luster of hardwax without the maintenance. Prone to yellowing but look and feel great on dark and tropical species, old Oak variety's and even aged old pine's with deep patina benefit with 3 coats of oil modified varnish, my preference is 'Granglaze' by Granwax

Some varnishes enhance the floor more than others, Mark will discuss your requirements and recommend the most suited product for your requirements.

Hardwaxes are the most luxurious of all the finishes, applied correctly they give a beauty and feel like no other varnish, They are for those that really appreciate the beauty of a real wood floor, however requiring routine maintenance of sweeping, cleaning with vegetable soaps and polishing (buffing machine is not required) to maintain the elegants is essential if you want it to last. I apply 2 coats of hardwax by Osmo or Tretex, available in matt or satin.

Waterbourne wax oil, is a very new product in it's early stages at the moment but i have been privaleged to road test Blanchon 'Environment' waterbourne oil and am waiting to receive granwax's version in the near future. I can say it's not perfected yet, but it does work with a fair amount of effort, saying that i was able to apply 3 coats in a day, and it did look superb, which was amazing, seeing as oil and water don't mix.


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Approx 1 Week Last updated 10/07/12


Wood floor Installation (All types) POA

Sanding Only From £10 per m2*

Sealing, Varnishing, Waxing from £4 per m2

Colouring / Staining from £4 per m2

Gap filling from £5 per m2*

Repairs POA

Maintenance Wash and Revive from £6 per m2

Scrad, screen and seal from £8 per m2*

Hardwax maintenance from £6 per m2

Additional labour £20 per hour *

Minimal daily charge of £250.00 Applies


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