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Gap Solutions

Everybody seems to have there own theory on gaps and the best ways of plugging them, In an ideal world there would be no gaps and no problem with drafts caused by gaps, But with the trend being sanding your original sub-floors into unique original softwood flooring, the need for gap filling between planks has became something that most people want. Personally i like the look of an original pine floor with gaps and all, but most people have there reasons to want to fill them.

Dealing with a natural product such as wood means that solutions vary depending on who renovates your floor and what ideas they may have. Most solutions never work completely, Sawdust and Resin drys hard and brittle, any flex in the floorboards will slowly work it out, Seasonal climate change can cause wood to expand and retract therefore the filler can drop out from the gap, boards that are not quite secure or come loose will also cause sawdust and resin to crack and fall out.

Generally i find waterbased resins mixed with fine sawdust more flexible than spirit or solvent resins, but they are slow drying and can suffer from sump and shrinkage on larger gaps.

Wood slithers or sometimes known as fillets (wood strips) hammered and glued into the gaps have the same problem with expansion and retractions which can cause the slithers to release from the glue attached to the sides of the boards making them ping out, also smaller gaps will not receive enough bond from the slither to hold sufficiently, leading to the strips pinging out and that's not a nice look.

There is also a clear tape that you can buy, which pushes into the gap, this is a DIY solutions that i have not tried, so i cannot really give an honest opinion on it.

The solution i favour is Floor mastic the most time consuming and expensive, but it does fill all sizes of gaps and does not fall out, Floor fudge (Mastic filler) stays flexible and expands and retracts upto 15% with some brands, It also comes in many different colours, the downside is the cost. On average you can fill about 1m2 of gaps with one 330ml cartridge at about £5 per cartridge. Inserting the fudge is a very tedious exercise but once completed it looks very nice and does a great job.

I am willing to use any preferable solution but cannot guarantee lasting results with anything other than floor mastic (fudge).


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Wood floor Installation (All types) POA

Sanding Only From £10 per m2*

Sealing, Varnishing, Waxing from £4 per m2

Colouring / Staining from £4 per m2

Gap filling from £5 per m2*

Repairs POA

Maintenance Wash and Revive from £6 per m2

Scrad, screen and seal from £8 per m2*

Hardwax maintenance from £6 per m2

Additional labour £20 per hour *

Minimal daily charge of £250.00 Applies


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